I’m your keymistress

Let me be the owner of the KG key of your penis cage!

The submissive slave is kept chaste by me with a chastity belt. The chastity slave is forbidden to have sex. He is not allowed to have or enjoy an orgasm. The locking with a cage is easier for me to always keep control. I decide how long the cock must remain locked.

Have you been looking for such a mistress for a long time? Maybe you are lucky and may give me your KG key soon! You will not be able to resist my dominant nature. You will humbly beg me to educate you to be my chastity. Many of my submissive slaves wear chastity cages. You will be my next victim.

So how do you come to enjoy such a BDSM relationship? You will contact me by mail and introduce yourself appropriately.

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