The thought of blackmailing makes you horny?Many of slave finds the thought of it extremely arousing, but I say the same to anyone who asks me:Think about it well, very well – because once started there is NO RETURN!

At the beginning I would like to say that I don’t blackmail every random idiot, because every aspirant has to earn this first by a generous gift from my wish list or a bigger paypal donation!If I see that there is nothing to get from you, you are uninteresting to me.All I need to really fi…. your pointless and miserable life is your complete personal data!Here you will receive your personal blackmail details, which you have to fill in and send back to me.

First and last name:




Phone no.:

Mobile no.:

Email address:

Identity card number:

Marital status:

Name of girlfriend/wife:

Phone of your wife/girlfriend:

Car registration number:

Name and address of parents:


Address/Phone Employer:

Name of supervisor:

Gross monthly income:

Monthly net income:

eBay login name / eBay password

PayPal login name / PayPal password

Home ownership or rent:

Fixed costs:

Bank statements for the last 12 months:

Monthly current account balance:

Savings balance etc.:

Homepage of online banking bank/access data:

My bank details are:

5 valid TAN for online banking:

Your credit card provider:

Name on the KK:

Your credit card number:

Credit card valid until:

Check digit of my credit card:

Your sexual dreams/secrets are:

I voluntarily pay you monthly:

Start of this blackmail contract:

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