International Fetish Escort

You love to see and touch latex, silk, real nylons, erotic hip girdles and breathtakingly tight laced corsets on a shamelessly extroverted and sinfully depraved diva. 

You long to kiss my red lacquered, very long and pointed fingernails, to lick them and possibly to be massaged and stimulated by them as a reward? 

You pine for passionate eroticism with a sensual belle de jour in erotic lingerie, arousing suspenders and provocative high heels? 

You are too imaginative and open-minded to be constricted and limited by narrow-minded conventions and long for an intelligent and socially acceptable courtesan who is open to many things. 

They are looking for the different – the special – the unprecedented. 

You have found it, because I am there for you and your most intimate desires and fantasies, because my passion will be to satisfy you lustfully with all means and ways available to me. 

My personal fetishes include: Shiny latex, Burlesque lingerie, tightly laced corsets, Highest Heels and real nylons, ,classically elegant business wardrobe. 

But also far beyond my own passions and obsessions, I love the sensual consuming encounter with imaginatively inclined fetishists who want to accompany me a bit on the journey to the summit of true satisfaction for mind, body and soul. 

An intellectually interesting and entertaining dinner in attractive company, stimulating conversation with an attentive and open-minded listener, an unforgettable time with a passionate belle de jour. 

Parquet security, charm and natural elegance of a High Class Escort are of course offered, paired with an extraordinary openness for almost all facets of human pleasure. 

Absolute discretion, reliability and seriousness at a meeting is expected and of course also guaranteed!

You desire a subtle play with fire in public before we retire – or simply spend relaxed hours full of devotion in the privacy of your hotel room, suite or home.

In a detailed preliminary conversation I would like to learn everything about your fantasies and passions and let myself be infected and inspired by your boundless enthusiasm, in order to then dive into another world together with you – to stretch and savour pleasure to its limits – to celebrate the moment.

As a versatile culturally interested lady, I am also a jewel at your side in upscale society. Whether it’s a vernissage, a sporting event, an evening at the casino, theatre, cinema or opera – there are few events for which I am not enthusiastic.

On a date at your home or in a hotel, many different types of play are possible. If you wish, I will gladly bring along the appropriate equipment and toys in an inconspicuous suitcase. Please send me your special wishes in advance by e-mail so that I can please you to your fullest satisfaction. 

Travel escorts and international bookings require intensive preparation on my part. Therefore, I would like to ask you to address these wishes to me in good time. 

I fulfil the demands and wishes of national and international gentlemen from the highest social strata. I plan and organise your very personal Luxury Fetish Escort Date with me and try to fulfil every one of your wishes to your fullest satisfaction.

You should simply enjoy whatever there is to enjoy!

My age and my great experience of life have brought me to the point where I am right now. This will prove to be a special advantage for you, because nothing is really foreign to me. 

The unique combination of personality, integrity and extraordinary appearance makes me an experience of unprecedented fulfilment and experience.

It is not the often mentioned naturalness that is in the foreground with me but the art, because I see myself very much as an art figure to be enjoyed. 

I offer the true gentleman level and class, paired with free spirit, a lot of fun and pleasure in what is happening or is yet to happen.

What I do is always done of my own free will, with a lot of desire and passion and is never negotiable – not even with money and gold. I always do what I want and what I feel like doing at that moment.

If you have understood these „rules of the game“ and can internalise them for yourself, then nothing stands in the way of a joint Luxury Fetish Escort Date.

I look forward to meeting you!

Your Noa Navaro

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